Grognostics - Where craft beer meets the unexplained

Frolic on the precipice of discovery, rouse your curious mind and expand self-awareness as Jason and Steve take you on an educational, yet hilarious journey through an explorative stew of mystical, historic, cultural and scientific. Prepare to laugh, learn, and enter into an introspective reverie as they ascertain topics that have always intrigued you whether you know it or not. Are you not ascertained? Are you not ascertained? You will be.
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Grognostics - Where craft beer meets the unexplained



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Aug 19, 2017

Woven out of a precocious cloth of militaristic acclaim, Matt possessed a combat blueprint very few humans did.  That in itself wasn't the intrigue.  Many decorated militants have achieved mastery in specific battles. There was, however, one small difference between him and the others - he was just five years of age.

In an appendix to Episode 12, the lads sit down with a close friend of the show to enjoy his fascinating story of first-hand reincarnation. Listen as the idea of reincarnation blurs from spiritual fiction to absolute certainty. 

Aug 11, 2017

How much do you know about your past lives? Were you a young settler on the Oregon Trail, an octopus, or an award-winning-bowling-alley-employee during your last time on Earth? Did you know that birthmarks indicate how you died in your last life?  Can a person reincarnated find the murderer that ended their last life? Can Steve sing like the Backstreet Boys? These are some of life's most-asked questions solved on this latest episode. Kelly Stravers, Lauren Boyle and Karen Starr guest appear on a spiritual expedition into the concept of reincarnation. 


Jul 31, 2017

This 11th show puts the cast back in podcast as the Grognostic lads are joined by some of their closest friends for two parts hilarity, three parts nonsensical and ninety-nine parts schizophrenic. There’s a blooper reel, a a trivia gameshow, beer, an exclusive interview with The Producer and if you listen hard enough you’ll hear a yeti making love to an apparition who previously fell down a well. Only three of those are true. Pour yourself a cold one and join guests George Sellas, Karen Starr, Luciano Muselli, Ely Alexander, Jevon Matiassi, Kelly Stravers, Nick Avlonitis, and Christina Premutati for this bonus episode.

Jul 14, 2017

First came Godfather II.  Alien(s). Terminator 2. All were blockbuster sequels that crushed their predecessor. Today, another breaches the paranormal surface – Mandela Effect Part II.  The producer and Amie are back for a sequel long-awaited by no one that dissects the validity of the entire concept itself. Could it simply be a case of Miss Remembering? (Beauty pageant winner from a Mandela Effect- created state west of Oregon called Remembering Island). Was it a concept fabricated by nerds who couldn’t answer pop culture questions?  Did Henhouse IPA’s can logo have something to do with it?  Grab a cold beer, make out with a deer, and go on a magical journey into alternative realities that may or may not be just outside your reach. Then, you can be the judge.

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Jul 5, 2017

How much do you really know about the reality you live in? Can you be certain this reality is the same one you grew up in? The one you were in last month? Yesterday? On this episode, the lads examine a reality where the Producer didn’t get enough hugs when he was little, dive deep into the life of a 1952 Berlin men’s slalom captain who knew the importance of maintaining his vital juices... oh, and discover that the reality we live in is changing ever-so-slightly every day. No biggie. With each nuance slipping clandestinely past our lucid minds, we’re destined to wake up one day and realize our world is not as we remember. That day happens to be today.

The Producer and Amie guest star on this hysterical episode.

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Jun 13, 2017

The Sumerians developed writing, invented the wheel, redirected rivers, partied with aliens, wrote secret scrolls, and basically accomplished more in five minutes of existence than the hosts of the show have accomplished in 40 years. Archeologists, had they returned our calls would have confirmed though - they never hosted a podcast. Bam! How you like them apples Sumer? Hail an Uber Camel and travel on a hilarious expedition to Mesopotamia’s most mystifying and ancient culture. Come for the history, but stay for the extraterrestrials, mysterious “Planet X” and tips on how to turn a demigod into a night watchman. Who wouldn't’ want to know that? 

May 31, 2017

Disclaimer: You will be rewarded karmically by listening to this podcast.

Ah, that Karma - she’s an unforgiving lassie. Some might even say karma’s a b__ch. Help an old lady across the street, grab a couple cold ones, then journey on an auditory safari through the spiritual concept of karma on today’s show.  How does karma work? Is it real or just something conjured up by hippy store owners to sell more crystals? Is it instant or spread out over multiple lifetimes? Do we have a karmic scoreboard thus pre-determining the karmic journey of our life before we set foot outside the amniotic fluid? Swing by momentarily for the spiritual enlightenment, stay a while for the show’s host who thinks he’s Ethel Merman. Uh, we can explain. No, we probably can’t.

May 9, 2017

On this hilariously tantalizing episode, the Grognostic lads grab the sarcophagus by the esophagus and exhume their way inside ancient Egypt’s most sinister intrigue - tomb curses. Are they real, mere coincidences, or just something Brendan Frazier conjured up to get more people to watch his films? And of course, some of life’s most-queried conundrums will also be addressed - why don’t we see more mummy apparitions on boat cruises? How come there aren’t more cat selfies on social media? Why aren’t more drug-addicted archeologists just out and about? Come take a journey deep into the less explored, hilarious bowels of antiquity and explore for yourself, if you dare.

Apr 28, 2017

Ever had the feeling you’ve been abducted and probed by beings from another world? If so it just means that your roommate is getting friendlier than you’d probably like. On this episode Jason and Steve teeter on the edge of paranormal and prank when they dive into the disputed world of crop circles. Bringing a level of comedic gravitas found nowhere else, they even manage to discuss menstrual cycles. I’m sorry, what’s that now? So...are crop circles real? Fake? A message from Mel Gibson? You’ll just have to listen and explore for yourself. Have a pint or two with us in the process.

Apr 21, 2017

What do balls of stone, magically delicious inhabitants, and sexual escapades with an iconic, iron tower in France have to do with the most advanced neolithic society to walk the planet? Absolutely nothing, but we figured we’d talk about them anyway.  Skara Brae, a stone-built, prehistoric village off mainland Scotland remained untouched for over 5000 years. Once discovered, it brought to light how little we know about the history of our species.  On this episode, explore the best-preserved neolithic settlement the world has ever seen. Come for the history, but stay for the hilarity, not to mention the best Scottish accent west of San Francisco.

Apr 11, 2017

80-ton statues walking on their own. Magical spirit essence raining down from the heavens. A thriving island population mysteriously turning to cannibalism. A birdman cult. The remains of the Easter Bunny pristinely preserved in a shallow grave. Four of these are true. Well, maybe three. Two tops. On this show, your least-favorite lads tackle the most mystifying island on the planet, Easter Island, while also showcasing their award-winning acting talents.

Mar 30, 2017

The red pill, the blue pill, and pints of frosty beer - which will you choose? 

How much do you think you know about your own species? Can you prove you're not a sequence of binary 1s and 0s programmed by some futuristic teenager in his mom's basement up in the clouds? One well-respected theorist has determined that "without question" the human race is a simulation. On this episode your favorite lads, well-respected by no one discuss the idea that the truth of your existence is actually way beyond your wildest imagination. 

Mar 17, 2017

Organs with Memories, A Prophet Who Likes to Party & Dead-ringers.  It's All Science. We Think. 

Do organs contain desires, memories, and the story of the body they belong to? Can that narrative continue if transplanted into another person long after the donor has been gone? Or is this the makings of another Jessica Alba movie gone terribly wrong? In this first-ever episode, fittingly posted on St. Patrick's Day, Jason & Steve examine the idea that leaving your heart in San Francisco may mean you're living on posthumously inside someone else. Or it could mean they now know your yahoo password and are setting your fantasy football lineup to all kickers. Listen in. 

Mar 13, 2017

Take a listen as Jason and Steve dive into their first-ever podcast. One day when they're neither rich nor famous, listeners will look back at this first attempt and think - they really haven't improved much have they? In this episode they try their best to explain what sort of mystique and thought-provoking topics they'll be covering as well as exactly what a Grognostic really is, while also digressing multiple times in attempts to quell their nerves. 

Jan 13, 2017

Frolic on precipice of discovery, rouse your curious mind, and expand self-awareness as Jason and Steve take you on an educational, yet hilarious journey through an explorative stew of mystical, historic, cultural and scientific. Prepare to laugh, learn, and enter into an introspective reverie as they ascertain topics that have always intrigued you whether you know it or not.  Are you not ascertained? Are you not ascertained? You will be.

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