Grognostics - Where craft beer meets the unexplained

Where craft beer meets the unexplained. Frolic on precipice of discovery, rouse your curious mind, and expand self-awareness as Jason and Steve take you on an educational, yet hilarious journey through an explorative stew of mystical, historic, cultural and scientific. Prepare to laugh, learn, and enter into an introspective reverie as they ascertain topics that have always intrigued you whether you know it or not. Are you not ascertained? Are you not ascertained? You will be.
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Grognostics - Where craft beer meets the unexplained



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Aug 29, 2017

At the same moment on October 14th,  one out of every fifty people on Earth vanished. Shockingly plucked by death’s talons, all depart without a trace. This is the premise of HBO’s fictional hit show, “The Leftovers” which recently finished its third and final season. Those remaining were left to ponder the inexplicability of their own mortality and navigate through a world filled with loss and confusion. On this episode, Grognostics asks the question - what if this happened in real life? What would be the plausible causes? Would it be geological, spiritual, multi-dimensional or induced by a lone ravenous, prognosticating, Mesozoic reptile? And most importantly, how would the size of Christopher Columbus’s manhood play a part? Luciano Muselli, Jevon Mattiassi, Ely Alexander, and Karen Starr guest to examine how and why 2% of the world’s population would meet their demise. Sobering, yes, but as usual there’s plenty of humor peppered in along the way.

Aug 19, 2017

Woven out of a precocious cloth of militaristic acclaim, Matt possessed a combat blueprint very few humans did.  That in itself wasn't the intrigue.  Many decorated militants have achieved mastery in specific battles. There was, however, one small difference between him and the others - he was just five years of age.

In an appendix to Episode 12, the lads sit down with a close friend of the show to enjoy his fascinating story of first-hand reincarnation. Listen as the idea of reincarnation blurs from spiritual fiction to absolute certainty. 

Aug 11, 2017

How much do you know about your past lives? Were you a young settler on the Oregon Trail, an octopus, or an award-winning-bowling-alley-employee during your last time on Earth? Did you know that birthmarks indicate how you died in your last life?  Can a person reincarnated find the murderer that ended their last life? Can Steve sing like the Backstreet Boys? These are some of life's most-asked questions solved on this latest episode. Kelly Stravers, Lauren Boyle and Karen Starr guest appear on a spiritual expedition into the concept of reincarnation.