Grognostics - Where craft beer meets the unexplained

Where craft beer meets the unexplained. Frolic on precipice of discovery, rouse your curious mind, and expand self-awareness as Jason and Steve take you on an educational, yet hilarious journey through an explorative stew of mystical, historic, cultural and scientific. Prepare to laugh, learn, and enter into an introspective reverie as they ascertain topics that have always intrigued you whether you know it or not. Are you not ascertained? Are you not ascertained? You will be.
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Grognostics - Where craft beer meets the unexplained



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Feb 6, 2018

Anti-aging expert, biogenetic thought leader, and overall super human Ira Pastor is back to regale us with more tips on living forever. Stay a little while as we chat health advancements, biology and technology, then stay even longer on good ole’ planet earth equipped with your newfound immortal knowledge. In 2243 you’ll thank us. You’re welcome in advance.

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Oct 6, 2017

The Virtual Reality craze is taking off.  VR is no longer just about teleporting yourself inside a video game to battle ferocious monsters and diabolic villains. In the not-so-distant future you might be able to take vacations, walk a day inside someone else’s shoes, viewing the world as they world, or share an intimate experience as you would in person – all from the comfort of your own home. Literally everything you do today could ultimately be inside a VR experience. But…what does that mean for humanity as people get more used to experiencing the world from their VR chair in their basement? What happens to the tangible world as we know it? Real human connections? Reproduction? Basic human needs? Life itself? Could this be the beginning of the end?

Debut appearance from field correspondent Sir Matthew. Beer review from Ely Alexander and Oisin O’Reilly. Amie stops by.  


Aug 29, 2017

At the same moment on October 14th,  one out of every fifty people on Earth vanished. Shockingly plucked by death’s talons, all depart without a trace. This is the premise of HBO’s fictional hit show, “The Leftovers” which recently finished its third and final season. Those remaining were left to ponder the inexplicability of their own mortality and navigate through a world filled with loss and confusion. On this episode, Grognostics asks the question - what if this happened in real life? What would be the plausible causes? Would it be geological, spiritual, multi-dimensional or induced by a lone ravenous, prognosticating, Mesozoic reptile? And most importantly, how would the size of Christopher Columbus’s manhood play a part? Luciano Muselli, Jevon Mattiassi, Ely Alexander, and Karen Starr guest to examine how and why 2% of the world’s population would meet their demise. Sobering, yes, but as usual there’s plenty of humor peppered in along the way.

Jul 14, 2017

First came Godfather II.  Alien(s). Terminator 2. All were blockbuster sequels that crushed their predecessor. Today, another breaches the paranormal surface – Mandela Effect Part II.  The producer and Amie are back for a sequel long-awaited by no one that dissects the validity of the entire concept itself. Could it simply be a case of Miss Remembering? (Beauty pageant winner from a Mandela Effect- created state west of Oregon called Remembering Island). Was it a concept fabricated by nerds who couldn’t answer pop culture questions?  Did Henhouse IPA’s can logo have something to do with it?  Grab a cold beer, make out with a deer, and go on a magical journey into alternative realities that may or may not be just outside your reach. Then, you can be the judge.

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Jul 5, 2017

How much do you really know about the reality you live in? Can you be certain this reality is the same one you grew up in? The one you were in last month? Yesterday? On this episode, the lads examine a reality where the Producer didn’t get enough hugs when he was little, dive deep into the life of a 1952 Berlin men’s slalom captain who knew the importance of maintaining his vital juices... oh, and discover that the reality we live in is changing ever-so-slightly every day. No biggie. With each nuance slipping clandestinely past our lucid minds, we’re destined to wake up one day and realize our world is not as we remember. That day happens to be today.

The Producer and Amie guest star on this hysterical episode.

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Mar 30, 2017

The red pill, the blue pill, and pints of frosty beer - which will you choose? 

How much do you think you know about your own species? Can you prove you're not a sequence of binary 1s and 0s programmed by some futuristic teenager in his mom's basement up in the clouds? One well-respected theorist has determined that "without question" the human race is a simulation. On this episode your favorite lads, well-respected by no one discuss the idea that the truth of your existence is actually way beyond your wildest imagination.